Windsor Castle: unshakable symbol of the monarchy

Windsor Castle: unshakable symbol of the monarchy

The Windsor Castle is located on a hill — from here you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Thames. The residence began its history under William the Conqueror in 1066. Then Windsor Castle was located on the territories of hunting grounds and had the appearance of a wooden structure. His goal was to keep an eye on one of the roads towards London.

For 100 years, the building has succumbed to numerous alterations and reconstructions. The most significant changes occurred during the reign of Henry II Plantagenet. The first stone walls were erected during his reign. After that, each subsequent ruler necessarily made his own edits to the appearance of the castle. Thanks to this, we can observe a variety of canvases, frescoes, tapestries that reflect the history of monarchical rule of various eras.

What you learn:
Many parts of the Castle are open to the public, including the precincts, the State Apartments, Queen Mary's famous dolls' house, St George's Chapel, and the Albert Memorial Chapel. Changing the Guard takes place regularly in the Castle Precincts. When the Queen is in official residence, the parade provides a colourful spectacle in the quadrangle.

Opening times
10:00 - 17:15
Last admission - 16:00

The average duration of the tour is 3 hours.

Additional exhibitions and expositions:
You can visit temporary exhibitions if tickets and time are available. 

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