Tate Modern Gallery: learning about culture

Tate Modern Gallery: learning about culture

Tate Modern has more than a hundred years of art, from the modernism of the early 1900s to the fascinating works created today. This includes paintings, sculptures and more created by artists from all over the world, such as Pablo Picasso, Emily Kame Kngvarrey and Jenny Holzer.

At the Tate Modern Gallery in London, you'll find all the art movements that have existed since the late 19th century - minimalism, cubism, surrealism, etc. There are works in felt and metal, and an entire room of secular posters.

What you learn:
You will experience Tate’s iconic Turbine Hall. In the Natalie Bell Building you can see how artists create new ideas. In the Blavatnik Building you can explore the underground Tanks, dedicated to performances, installations and video works. 

Opening times

Monday to Sunday 10.00–18.00

The average duration of the tour is 3 hours.

Additional exhibitions and expositions:
You can visit temporary exhibitions if tickets and time are available. 

*Additionally, we provide comfortable transport with a professional driver for your comfort. 
**We can meet you at the hotel or at a pre-arranged place. 
***The tour is individual, so we focus on your wishes and preferences. 

You will be accompanied by professional guides, art historians and curators, depending on the tour and excursion. 

We take care of your comfort and guarantee a lot of impressions.